Active Foam Cleaner

  • Kills germs, eliminates odours and helps prevents build-up
  • Removes hair, slime and stains
  • For sinks, drains, showers and baths
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Daily Active Cleaning

  • Fast-acting foam
  • Great for wet room drains
  • Easy to use trigger spray

The active foam formula gets to work in as little as five minutes to remove hair, slime and stains on the surface of sinks and drains, and below when flushed through the pipes.

Use daily to kill germs and maintain free-flowing drains. Total care of bathroom and kitchen sinks, floor drains, showers and baths.

How to use

To clean and sanitise plugholes

  • Step 1.

    Turn spray nozzle to 'ON' & simply spray directly on the drain from a distance of 15cm
  • Step 2.

    Leave to work for 5 minutes, for tougher stains leave up to 30 minutes
  • Step 3.

    Rinse with water & turn spray nozzle to 'OFF'

Trouble unblocking?

Try our Active Foam Cleaner FAQs.

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Where to buy Active Foam Cleaner

Buster Active Foam Cleaner is available online and in stores throughout Singapore

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