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Blockages and slow draining water in the bathroom are usually caused by the same things – hair, soap and sludge. The Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker gets to work quickly, dissolving hair and clearing sludge to keep water flowing freely. https://t.co/za0aGX4rIq BusterProducts photo

We're here to tell you that slow draining water in your shower is NOT NORMAL and you don't have to stand for it (or in it for that matter). You can get yours from the supermarket or online at Amazon and Ocado. #BustOutTheBuster https://t.co/WA7J2uPL8l BusterProducts photo

If you shave then you'll want to use a bit of Buster! The Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker literally dissolves hair by breaking down the keratin (even the teeny leg hairs) in your plughole. #SmallButMighty #TrustBuster https://t.co/50z2VZ5XGx BusterProducts photo

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