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Let's celebrate Summer the best way we know-how, a BBQ! Just don't let greasy dishes and burnt-on food bits during the wash-up cause a problem for your kitchen plughole! Cue, the Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker to melt away fat, oils and trapped food debris. https://t.co/s9AlSOUb8J BusterProducts photo

We've decided to bring the Summer to your kitchen seeing as most of our holidays have been cancelled! #BustOutTheBuster https://t.co/z4GOI7eIwI BusterProducts photo

Is your kitchen plughole a little smelly? Then Bust out the Buster Clean & Fresh Granules to keep it smelling fresh, no matter what goes down there. #BustOutTheBuster #BusterUK #Kitchen #CleaningSolutions https://t.co/h7G1OWOYXQ

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