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Busy life? That's okay. Buster is super easy and quick to use. Just pour the whole bottle of the Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker (we've done the measuring for you) and let it sit for 20 minutes then, flush through with hot water and keep things flowing. #Cleaning #Buster https://t.co/vnKVuP6bXI BusterProducts photo

29+ years ago we hatched a plan to become the UK's leading drain care grocery. Fast forward all those years and here we are with a range of products to Unblock, Freshen and Prevent. Available from all leading supermarkets, Ocado and Amazon. #Cleaning #LifeHacks #Buster https://t.co/36Qj7wkC7e

After preparing a meal, cooking a meal and doing the dishes we don't really want to do anything else. But, when it comes to plugholes, let us do all the dirty work for you. Just pour the Kitchen Plughole Unblocker down the pipe and Buster will get to work instantly. #Cleaning https://t.co/SW8UBg3XUJ BusterProducts photo

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