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Top tip: our foaming eucalyptus Clean & Fresh granules aren’t just for plugholes - you can use them in your washing machine too! For lasting freshness, we recommend using every week. Available from B&M. #TrustBuster https://t.co/zbqTsl4ZHL

The Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker dissolves the matrix of hair in your plughole while also dissolving soap sludge and buildup to keep your plugholes flowing freely. So say 'goodbye' to slow draining water and 'hello', to Buster. https://t.co/94ZBSfc0dd https://t.co/iG2aAPSQEE

Blocked bathroom sinks and blocked shower drains can provide sites for germs and bacteria to grow and spread. The Buster Plughole Block Preventer kills germs deep within the U-bend and helps get rid of the buildup. Get yours here: https://t.co/94ZBSfc0dd #LifeHacks #TrustBuster https://t.co/jvjF5utxuY

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